MSN Office 365 - Basic Training Videos

MSN Office 365 - Basic Training Videos

The most-used office software program in the world

Microsoft's Office 365 has become the major office software program in history, worldwide. Any business today will have a hard time operating successfully without it..

MSN Office 365 allows accompany to operate, store, communicate, design, and present all in one program that is able to perform flawlessly in the cloud.

.But, there is a learning curve. And the tutorials from MSN are not easy to find, use or understand.

That's where our MSN Office 365 Basic Training video course comes in.

Here's what you will learn in this twenty (20) module course:

- Which version of MSN 365 to consider for your specific situation (home, business, etc)

- Licensing issues concerning MSN 365.

- How to purchase and setup your cloud account.

- How to use the various apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, One Drive, and more)

- Using One Drive basic features

- Managing tasks with Planner

- Using the Teams Application

- Communicating with other members

- Assigning multiple members to your account

- How to use Invoicing and Management applications

- How to use SKYPE services

- How to use file storage and file sharing services

- and much. much more

MSN Office 365 includes SKYPE, and 1TB of storage and file sharing.


MSN Office 365 Video

20 Full Videos

MSN Office 365 Video - Sample

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